Taste Trippin Party with Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle berry tablets! They sound like they grant wishes! Well, not exactly. But that doesn’t mean that this berry is nothing less than extraordinary and spectacular.

Upon eating, this miracle fruit causes a very unique and distinctive change unlike any other food on earth! This is, indeed, a one-of-kind rare food that will delight the senses in a way you never imagined possible.

So what exactly does these taste tripping pills taste like? Well, oddly enough the actual “taste” of the pill is nothing to write home about. Yup that’s right, you read correctly, the actual flavor of the fruit isn’t what is actually coveted.

You see, the taste of the berry is not the end game. The magic of this berry is in it’s chemistry. The particular molecules of this berry cause a taste altering reaction that is mind blowing.

Okay, okay, enough with the suspenseful dragging. So what EXACTLY does this trippy little fruit do? Well it contains a protein called miraculin. This protein, upon coating the tongue, binds with the sweetness receptors thus making everything bitter, sour, hot, salty, or bland taste like sweet sweet syrupy deliciousness.

So, when I first stumbled upon this berry online I became super intrigued. I did a bit of research and learned that the berry originates from a tree in West Africa. I couldn’t possibly imagine that eating this berry could cause Tabasco sauce to be made to taste sweet. Well, I didn’t have to imagine for long…

…I ordered some miracle tablets online. They come in many forms but the tablets seemed the most convenient. When they arrived, I could hardly wait to taste one, or to be exact, taste ANYTHING else! I open the package and see the little pink round tablets. I quickly scan the directions and popped one in my mouth. Okay, so far so good, all is going well and according to plan.

So now comes the awesome part! And it is awesome. I ate some of everything. I had some lemons and limes; good grief they tasted like pure candy! I could have eaten a dozen of them but I had to pace myself. I had about an hour before the effects wore off and I wanted to get my fill in.

I moved on sauces next. Remember how I mentioned Tabasco sauce before? Yeah, well a word of warning, don’t forget that Tabasco sauce is tabasco sauce; no matter how easy sweet and tasty it goes down. Lol. Next I tried some fish sauce. Yup, fish sauce. This stuff smells like rotten fish and tastes like delicious rotten fish (yeah I know, you have to love fish sauce to understand). Anyhow, down the hatch went some of my fish sauce, a what a sweet and tasty orange/honey sugar-coated fish sauce did it taste like. Yes, these flavor tripping pills are that on-point savage.

So next I tried all manner of veggies from broccoli to raw onions to jalpe├▒os to…etc etc. But seriously after that fish sauce transformation I knew, nothing edible was any match for this seriously cool fruit.

I tried it again a week later with a bunch of friends and we had “Miracle” party! It was wild. Everyone was childlike and full of wonder and oddly ravenous and zombie-like at the same time, lol.

I give these tablets two thumbs up and have already recommended them to friends. Try it for yourself. Your taste buds will love the trip.