Has Everything You’ve Tasted Your Entire Life Been a Lie?

If there was a pill that you could take that made it where you could enjoy some foods that you never liked would you try it? There is a plant that is native of West Africa that is called Synsepalum delcificum that grows a berry. This fruit has been made into a sugar-coated pill. The plant contains a special protein that will numb the taste buds that taste bitter and sour flavors. The pill has been named the Miracle Berry or nicknamed the Mberry. Oh, by the way, it is safe to eat.

Some of the people at the food network decided to give it a try and see how well it worked if at all. So that they decided that they wanted to do a taste testing with it and see how it worked. So they snagged a couple of people to use their taste buds. The test subjects had to put the pill in their mouth and roll it around to coat their tongue as much as possible.

They had to eat six different foods. Some of them were bitter, sweet, sour, and smooth. The first thing that tasted was strawberries. The first test subject likes strawberries while the second one did not. The first one thought that the strawberries tasted even more delicious than before. The second one thought that they tasted good and that they could tolerate them. For the bitter food, they tasted chickory. One of the people thought that it was more bitter than before using the Miracle Berry.

Sour tasting foods is something that not many people enjoy having. One person loved the test of the lemon they were given and ate the whole thing. This person thought that it tasted even better than before the Miracle Berry. Then they were given Guinness to taste. One of the people thought it tasted like a dark soda that had gone flat. Who would like it tasting like flat soda pop? Ugh, not me!

Cream cheese was the food to be tested. I would dig into that myself, especially if it is made into a cheesecake. One person said that the flavor of it did not change at all. It just tasted like cream cheese. Put it with the next and it will taste even better, at least I think. What do you think of jalapenos? I think that they are extremely hot unless filled with cream cheese. The jalapenos were the nest item to be tasted. The one person said that the Miracle Berry did not help to numb the spicy taste buds. At first, it tasted like they had bit into a green bell pepper, but then the heat started kicking in and the pepper became extremely hot. Wowsers!

If Willy Wonka could do surgery on my tongue I would imagine everything would taste better. What about you? Would it not be amazing for all foods to taste better. Unfortunately, the Miracle Berry pill is not quite the solution to that situation. Would the foods that I do not like taste better after taking the Miracle Berry? Somehow, I do not think so. But, who knows maybe they would.

Maybe, just maybe with the help of the Miracle Berry pill, your little picky eater would not be so picky after all. I would gladly have my picky eater give it a try. Then it would be easier to buy food for meals. I would give it a try. How about you?