In your lifetime, it’s likely that you com across individuals who see the sweet side in everything? You know the ones I’m referring to. They meet the Tiger King for lunch and then tell you “But he’s such an eccentric guy–he taught me some new fashion trends!”

Well, consider yourself part of the club. With miracle berry fruit tablets, you can now taste the sweetness in every food or entree.

Knock sour out of the park with these all-natural miracle berry fruit tablets. Eat a lemon like watermelon. Drink apple cider vinegar and actually enjoy it like it’s orange juice. Have a grapefruit for breakfast without dosing it with a mountain starch on top. Shock, amaze, and vaguely impress your friends.

What we’ve got here is a descriptive comparison among different brands offering the popular Miracle Berry.

Are you curious about what the market is offering you when it comes to the Miracle Berry? And in what package they come in? Let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular brands that promise to give you that surprising experience in food.

With just one of those berries or tablets, you get to experience a whole different nuance to taste that you may just keep coming back for more. Many who tried to do.

I’m hoping with this review of these 5 Miracle Berry brands, you get a feel for which one you’d rather try for your first or even get a taste on all of them. Let’s get to your search for the best miracle berry tablets in the market.

#1 mberry

mberry tablets 2 pack

The mberry seems to be the most popular miracle berry brand in the market. It’s what you might conclude with over 4,400 reviewers of its tablets in Amazon while other brands range from 16 to 400. The mberry has become the leading brand for the miracle berry market and its competition seeks to ride on its popularity.

While miracle berries are the sole essence for all the miracle berry tablets, mberry has put together a couple of its packaging offering miracle berries in two different forms. From its online store, you may choose mberry freeze-dried berries in individual packets packed in its attractive bright red plastic canister.

The other is its mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets which we’re comparing with four other brands. While it’s in its tablet form, mberry touts that the ingredients are 100% authentically miracle berry, containing no added sugar, no artificial color, no preservatives and no fillers. The mberry notes that they are a good source of antioxidants that fight against cancer and are gluten-free.

They come in 400 milligrams per tablet.

These Miracle Fruit tablets come in a pack of 10 with the company offering free shipping for online purchases to anywhere in the United States. Though these tablet packets cost slightly more than the other brands, that difference is glossed over by its popularity.

Here’s mberry’s online promotion to encourage you to try out their product. They’re offering a package of 1 pack of Miracle Fruit tablets, 1 can of Freeze-Dried Berries and The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook put together by a Michelin-star chef Homaro Cantu.

If you looking to explore more deeply into the Miracle Berry and how you might be able to incorporate it into your lifestyle, this three-item package is pretty attractive.

mberry has some good information on the miracle berry – its history, how you take it and a suggested flavor-tripping party. Checking them out online by their website or their product offering in Amazon can give you some fun useful tips.

While a good number of reviewers got a thrill from their taste-tests, turning sour lemons into practically like sweet lemonade as they suck raw lemons, a number of them felt their experience was a letdown. They basically felt the tablet didn’t work. That’s certainly something you might have to expect when you try it out.

#2 MiralandBerry

miraland berry 2 pack

MiralandBerry offers its own miracle fruit tablets in a pack of 10. What sets MiralandBerry miracle fruit tablet apart is that each one has the content of about 3 whole miracle fruit berries and nothing else. They emphasize that their miracle fruit tablets are pure. That is without preservatives, additives, fillers or colorants.

Each of these tablets contains 350 milligrams of the miracle fruit powder.

MiralandBerry takes pride in the care they put into the freshness and quality of their tablets. And it starts from freeze-drying their fresh miracle berries. These are then crushed into dried powder and made into the tablet form. Each of these tablets delivers the full effect of miracle berries when taken.

While the effects of taking MiralandBerry miracle fruit tablets result in the sweetening of sour juices from fresh citric fruits, they do warn that individual taste buds results in varying duration of the effects in the mouth. It may not be as intense for some people.

People do try out these MiralandBerry miracle fruit tablets and do their own taste tests. The result has been positive for the vast majority of reviewers. For a few, they didn’t notice any difference. There are those with conditions such as those who had cancer treatments and that their condition seemed to have affected their experience. And there are those who notice a very slight difference.

For those who enjoyed it exceedingly, it often took only 5 minutes to fully dissolve the miracle fruit tablets in the mouth and the effect lasted beyond 15 minutes. Some have noted between 45 minutes to an hour. The indication on the packaging does inform that effects last from 15 minutes to two hours.

Many of those who tried MiralandBerry Miracle Fruit tablets did so with a variety of fruits as suggested from lemons, grapefruits and strawberries to watermelons and jalapeños. While it worked well with citric fruits, chilis were still spicy hot and condiments like mustards are slightly sweeter.

#3 Miracle Frooties

Miracle Frooties

What makes Miracle Frooties Berry Fruit tablets stand out is the option you get for tablets that are almost twice bigger than the standard miracle berry tablet size in the market. That’s if you choose their yellow packaging with 600 milligrams per tablet. The Amazon seller, GottaHaveIt, is also selling another set in a green box with the standard 350 milligrams of the miracle fruit product in every tablet.

One way the bigger tablets are used is by cutting them in half. That gives you about 300 milligrams of the Miracle Frooties Berry Fruit tablet, slightly less than the standard 350 milligrams per tablet in other well-known brands.

The 600 milligrams per tablet are not purely made from the miracle fruit in pulp form. Its content also includes some potato starch. Purchasers of the Miracle Frooties do experience the full taste transformation after taking in their berry fruit tablet and trying them out on lemons and limes.

It’s not indicated on the product page what purpose the potato starch has on the tablet nor its health effects.

With a 4.2 star rating out of 5, the Miracle Frooties do have happy customers who claim the surprising effects of the miracle berry tablets. Those who didn’t quite enjoy it as much claim they didn’t work for everyone with some not tasting the difference at much. Some don’t enjoy the taste of the tablets at all. They claim it tastes like artificial sweeteners they don’t enjoy.

Some feel the effects disappear too quickly, about 15 minutes from taking the tablet.

And for those who gave the brand a one-star, they didn’t feel any effects of miracle berry at all. It’s another confirmation of how the product results in different effects for different individuals.

#4 MiraBurst

mira burst 1 pack

MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets are slightly less in cost for the same effect you’d expect compared to other like brands. It comes in a box with 10 tablets. However, it’s not indicated in the package nor in any of the questions asked in Amazon how much in milligrams each tablet carries.

MiraBurst miracle berry tablets have other ingredients aside from miracle berry. It’s got mannitol, xylitol, modified cellulose and magnesium vegetable stearate.

Mannitol as a food ingredient is often used as a sweetener. Medically, it’s a diuretic. This means it helps you pass urine when you take it, helping your body remove excess water or toxins from your body.

Xylitol is also used as a sugar substitute. Modified cellulite is used as a food additive. And magnesium vegetable stearate functions as an emulsifier, binder and thickener. Taking note of these ingredients present in the tablets that are mixed in with the miracle berry powder would help you know what you’re getting from MiraBurst.

At 3.8 stars of 5 coming from 196 customers in Amazon, there are reviewers for the MiraBurst Miracle Berry who do appreciate the quality of MiraBurst miracle berry. However, they are significantly less than those from mberry, MiralandBerry and Miracle Frooties.

MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets are packed in aluminum wafers, sealed in their own plastic bubble space you can pop out easily with your fingers. The packaging is meant to help keep its freshness. As long as they’re not punctured, it can be a comfort to know they’re sealed well.

#5 Munai

munai miracle berry

If you’re looking for a miracle fruit that’s grown and packaged within the United States, here’s one you might want to take a look at. They are actually made at the Miracle Fruit Farm located in Miami, Florida.

The Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablets are made with some pretty unique qualities in mind that might make it stand out. Though they are sold in quantities that seem to make them costly, they may not be quite so.

The Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablets are particularly made even for health-conscious folks who care that they are non-GMO and that they are self-grown. That means they have quality control on their miracle berry tablets.

They claim to have an “EZ Melts” technology that makes their tablets melt easily in their mouth and coat them well with the taste transforming glycoprotein Miraculin. Effects are claimed to be changing sour taste immediately into something sweet.

The Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablets come in 30 tablets in a box. Interestingly, they are actually sold at roughly the same price as the top sellers of the same product when you count them per piece.

Though few have offered to provide their ratings, there’s a little more than half of them who are quite happy with Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablets. Close to twenty percent of those responders felt nothing happened.

The ingredients inside every tablet include not only the miracle berry but also mannitol, modified cellulose, natural flavoring and artificial color. It also includes magnesium vegetables, stearate and silica. Each tablet comes at 125 milligrams in weight with 30 in a box.

Having said all that, this brand of miracle berry states that it doesn’t use artificial flavoring, preservatives, yeast nor gluten.

It may not be the best of the 5 that’s listed here. But there might be those who might prefer the Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablet.
The miracle berry began popping up in key locations around the United States about 10 years ago. It was the darling of food bloggers and the subject of cocktail experimentation certain trendy clubs in places like New York and Los Angeles.

The use of the miracle berry has since evolved into popular use in the form of miracle berry tablets. The actual fruit itself is difficult to purchase in the U.S. and other western nations. Just what is the miracle berry? Why do people use it? Is it safe?
Here are some FAQs and answers about the miracle berry.

1. Is the miracle berry a natural fruit?

Yes. The miracle berry is the popular name for a natural West African fruit called Synsepalum dulcificum by botanists. It grows on a variety of evergreen bush. It has been used for centuries by the people of West African tribes as a way to sweeten foods that are bitter or highly acidic.

2. What are miracle berry tablets?

They are tablets made from a powdered form of the miracle berry sometimes using cornstarch as a binder. They contain the active ingredient of the miracle berry which is called miraculin.

3. Are miracle berry tablets a drug?

No, miracle berry is a natural fruit. The FDA classifies it as a food additive. Some claims are made for miracle fruit to be a treatment for diabetes or to improve taste for people with chemotherapy tastes related issues.

4. What does the miracle berry taste like?

The berry itself is all but flavorless. Rather, it enables other foods to taste sweeter because chewing on it modifies the taste buds and other linings of the mouth.

5. What is miraculin?

Miraculin is a glycoprotein found in the miracle berry, known to inhibit the tongue’s sour receptors making a bitter or bland food taste sweet. Users say it will literally make lemon juice taste like lemonade.

6. What are the side effects of miracle berries?

No medical side effects exist. There simply is not enough scientific information to know if miracle berries produce side effects.

7. Where can I buy miracle berry tablets?

They are commonly available in health food stores, department stores and can be purchased online on major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon.

8. How does miracle fruit help cancer patients?

Mainstream science claims there is no data to determine any effect on cancer. Some people undergoing chemotherapy claim it improves their appetites because it makes some foods taste better.

9. Is miracle berry a treatment for diabetes?

Medical experts say there is no data to conclude that miracle berry fruit has any effect on diabetes. It may help people with diabetes to avoid eating sugary foods because it can make bitter or bland foods taste sweet.

10. Will miracle berry fruit improve or enhance my health?

Miracle berries contain polyphenols that are high in antioxidants that most experts agree are healthy and beneficial for the human body.

11. Should I consult with my doctor or pharmacist before eating miracle berries or tablets?

Yes. Most manufacturers of miracle berry tablets recommend consulting with a doctor or pharmacist especially if you are currently taking other prescription medications.

12. How long to the food-altering effect last?

It depends on what food you are eating and the strength or dosage of the miracle berry you are using. In general, the taste-altering effect can last from 15 minutes to two hours.

14. Will Miracle Berries change the taste of all foods?

They will change the taste of foods that are sour or acidic only. For example, it will not change the taste of a chicken sandwich or hamburger.

15. Should I swallow miracle berry tablets?

No. The preferred method is to allow the tablet to settle on the tongue. Swirl it around in the mouth until it dissolves.

16. Can children use miracle berry tablets safely?

Yes. They are generally recommended for children age five and older.

17. Are miracle berries or tablets gluten-free?


18. Do miracle berry products expire?

The tablets generally have an expiration period of 24 months after the manufacture date.

19. Are miracle berry tablets vegan?


20. Are miracle berry products expensive?

Depending on the content count of the package and brand, average prices range from $12 to $23.